Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Revealing Radiance Facial Peel

Wow! That is quite the name for a product! What does it even mean? Repair Revealing Radiance. That sounded like something I could definitely use. My skin had just been through the ringer between stress and winter. Dry, dull, sad, breaking out, you name it.

So! I was able to have an amazing Mary Kay consultant come to my home for my little facial. It was all fun and games and girly just having fun until I applied the facial peel. I was confused! A facial PEEL? This feels like a really soft luxurious moisturizer of sorts. Not a peel. You usually think of peels as either thin and sticky that you eventually peel off or something pretty rough on your face to slough off all the crap. So I was intrigued. How could this texture possibly perform the way it claimed it would? It was soft, almost buttery without the stick factor from butter. It almost felt refreshing. Can "refreshing" be a texture? I'm having trouble coming up with how this product feels on the skin. All I knew is that I loved how it felt and wanted to know how it was going to work. 

I will say that the first thing I noticed about the peel was the smell. I swear to you guys, if I could bathe in this scent I would. I don't know what it is about it but it just smells so clean! Again...refreshing. Ha!

The time came to wash it off and as usual, my skin felt amazing. In my experience, that's usually how your skin feels immediately after ....well.....any product, really. Soft, smooth, clean, impurity free. You know the drill. So of course, I loved it. But I knew the real test would come later. Hours afterward. Would my skin feel stripped dry? Would it start to actually peel from the potency in the ingredients (like most other products do on my skin)? 

I obviously didn't want to make my consultant hang around for hours and hours on end before I made my decision, so I went ahead an bought it so I could test it out. She handed me a bunch of the microdermabrasion samples and advised me to apply that one day and then wait a couple of days to apply the facial peel because together they are a dream team.

I did NOT feel that way! The peel stood the test of time for a full day (haha), meaning that my skin did not get dry, it did not react negatively at all. It just stayed the same nice clean and smooth moisturized way it was right after I'd washed it off. BUT, after I started using it with the microdermabrasion, my skin started peeeeeelliiiingggg ooooofffff! Like crazy peeling. It was terrible. I wasn't sure if my skin was finally reacting to the peel, or just the microdermabrasion or the combination of the two. So I quite using the microdermabrasion. 

I went ahead and just used either my GlamGlow skin brightening mask or my GlamGlow hydration thirstymud mask the couple of days before my facial peel day. My skin cleared right up and got back to normal. So I'm assuming it was the microdermabrasion that caused me trouble!

For the past two-ish months, I have continued on with that same routine. My skin is brighter and happier and moisturized. The past two weeks I quit using it to see what would happen. I immediately started nursing about 5 giant zits all over my face and crazy dryness on my forehead. What the HECK. I've started up with the peel again and things are going back to normal. So I have to say that can't be coincidence. The ingredients are gentle enough that it can work like some kind of magic on your skin without roughing it all up. All the while, you smell like a dream. 

It's pretty rare for me to find a skin product that I feel like I HAVE to repurchase after I've used it all up. I can normally just buy something else that does the same thing and call it good. I don't have any major loyalty to anything because I never really feel like I find anything that my skin is in love with. I'm already getting anxiety about running out of this stuff! It's a huge bottle though so I've got plenty of time (a little goes a long way). 

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