Monday, June 5, 2017

Redefine Lip Renewing Serum

By now, most of you have probably heard about Rodan & Fields. How could you not, they are the #1 skin care company in the nation as of right now. They specialize in skin care regimens that have an insane success rate! Since I'm a pretty skeptical person in general, I figured I'd give their lip repair serum a try to get a feel for how their products and company work.

My R&F distributor advised me to do the treatment day and night for one week at first and then just once a day. Here is my before & after! Yes, the middle one really is me. I wasn't very diligent in making sure the lighting was the same in my pictures and it really shows. The first one is in my bathroom with a mixture of natural and artificial light, the second one is in my bathroom with only natural light and the last one is in my car with only natural light. I hope you can still see the differences-

Let's get to the details! Here is what you will get-

On the inside are little capsules with the serum inside of each one. Mine came with 63 capsules, so one could argue that you are given 63 days worth of treatment. However, upon opening up my first capsule and applying it to my lips I quickly realized that there was waaaaaay more than enough for two applications per capsule. So, with my recommendation of applying it morning and night for a week, that meant I only used 7 of my capsules for that.

My first impression when I first applied the serum was, "ooOOOooo!" It honestly felt like it was kind melting into my lips with the warmth of my body heat. It was very smooth and comfortable as a serum and not sticky or overwhelming. It absorbed well over time, thought when I woke up in the morning after my night time application I still felt like my lips were moisturized and nourished, yet I couldn't really feel any product on my lips? I note that as a good thing.

I am very satisfied with my results and tell everyone I know about it. I am very confident and comfortable with the idea of ordering more product from this company. I already know what I'm getting next and and I can't wait! If you are wondering what on earth you would get from Rodan & Fields but you're curious about what they have to offer, take their little quiz right here which will guide you to the perfect regimen for your skin! Or you can just browse around and get familiar with all they have (like their brand new hydration serum that has caused a crazy stir in the skin care/beauty industry already)!

Bottom line: On a scale of 1-10 (my favorite way of rating products), I give this an 9.5. It's in the pricier side, but with how much product I received and the overall results I got, it was very VERY worth it. The ONLY reason I did not give this a 10 is because of a minor packaging detail and the issue is only an issue because there's so much product..... so am I really I'm a place to complain? You decide!

Here's what I mean. Since there is too much product for just one application (for me personally), I'm left with an open capsule and no real way to seal it or keep it closed until my next use without it just pouring out all over. I quickly discovered that my bobby pins "teeth" clamped the opening shut tight enough to keep it closed until my next use.

I just placed my capsule carrying bobby pin over the container and it stayed that way just fine! 

So, I don't know. Is that fair to complain about? There's probably a better way to deal with this and I made it complicated. I might as well have given this a 10!

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