Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Banana Snacks (Gluten Free Friendly)

We have a system in this here house. When the youngest child is taking her nap, the oldest chooses between playing outside with friends or quiet playtime inside. Reading, drawing, writing in her journal and "discovering" as she calls it are all quiet play time friendly. But what am I suppose to do when both of my kids are occupied?

I prepare for when my kids aren't occupied of course! ;) I really do love that time of day where I get to catch up on a few things, and it's also the perfect time for me to make these lovely little snacks for when nap/playtime is over.

It might not look very cute in this picture, but that's because the only gluten free cereal we had on hand was cocoa pebbles. Fruity pebbles would probably look more appealing! She did ask me to dust some powdered sugar on it. Not sure why, but I went ahead and did it. My youngest requested sprinkles on hers that day. Whatevs!

I whip these up in about 2 minutes and stick them in the fridge until they're ready to eat them. They go banana's over these! (heehee) They really do. They absolutely love them. Banana's, peanut butter and cereal. That's it. I could probably coat the thing in flaxseed and sprinkles and they wouldn't complain a bit!

Today I tried out froot loops on one of them. The options are really endless here. It's just so easy and kid friendly I thought I'd share!


  1. I used a half a banana per child peanut butter and crushed gluten free ceral because of my sons intolerance. They loved it!!!! I have a question tho, I used corn skewers in them to hold the banana without there fingures rubbing the good stuff off. And the bananas don't stay put on them very well. Would freezing them help? Or using something different maybe.

    1. How fun! Don't you just love the possibilities of everything you can use on these?! I am sure that freezing them would be an excellent idea. Maybe dipping the skewer in peanut butter before poking in through the banana would help if you are freezing them? I found my jumbo popsicle sticks at Walmart for about $3 and they work really well. You could try those out if you wanted! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Kids-Craft-Jumbo-Craft-Sticks-75pk/19525319