Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ice Cream Shop Review

This is a food blog, so I gotta share some good food stuffs when I try 'em! If you ever happen to be in the Portland, Oregon area, Salt & Straw is the place to go for ice cream! They have some super wacky flavors (olive oil? Pear with bleu cheese? That's just the beginning), but they also have the best of the best traditional flavors and some outside the box flavors, too!

I wish that there were words that could express how much I ended up loving this ice cream. I kind of just went because it was on my bucket list. It's extremely popular. It use to be just a food truck but now has two shops open. The line is rarely not going out the door and around the building.

Why is it so good? I tried to come up with a great way to explain, but I think their website does it the best-

"We're Salt & Straw, Portland's farm-to-cone ice cream shop. Our ice cream is handmade in small-batches using only all-natural dairy with the best local, sustainable and organic ingredients Oregon has to offer, as well as imported flavors from small handpicked farms and producers around the world. We start with local cream from Lochmead Dairy in Eugene, Oregon. All their cows were born right there on their third generation, family farm- so we know it's the highest quality we can get and super fresh. Our ice cream is made with 17% butterfat, very little air in the churn process, and a low sweetness the flavors can really shine through!"

We were in line, and an employee went down the line asking what samples people would like to try. We ended up ordering before it was even our turn to order! She just brought it to us while we waited in line to pay. A HUGE plus when you have kids with you! It's because of that fact that I didn't complain when she brought me my ice cream in a bowl instead of a waffle cone. :) Ooh and then there's the fact that some kind of metal hook with ice cream on it fell 20 feet in the air?..and almost killed us ;). A few splatters of ice cream was the only damage don't worry. (Plus they gave us the ice cream for free for that one.)

I think one of my favorite things was that the brownies in my Chocolate&Gooey Brownies ice cream were freshly made, too, as well as the snickerdoodle cookie in my daughters Snickerdoodle&Cinnamon ice cream. When I go back, though, I am getting the Sea Salt & Caramel Ribbon. It's one of those things where I wish so badly for everyone to be able to have the chance to just try it. Just once. Just a lick! That's it! Go pop a werther's candy in your mouth, multiply that flavor by 100 and pretend it's ice cream. That's what it is.

Let's also not forget that this cute shop (their 23rd Ave. location) is nestled right in the heart of the Alphabet district with the most adorable shops one after another. It was extremely difficult for my friend and I to pass up Pottery Barn and the craziest candle shop I've ever seen!

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