Monday, October 21, 2013

Gluten Free After School Snacks

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I finally stocked up on a few FUN after-school snacks for my Celiac's kid. There's only so long I can send her to the apples or carrots in the fridge when she's craving something yummy and fit for a kid after a long day at school. These are some of the snacks she enjoys.

Now, these aren't snacks that she just grabs whenever she wants. These are usually reserved for her after-school snack only, and ones that I don't really need to prepare anything for. She can walk in the door and go grab it herself.

Toasted Coconut Almonds
Have you had these?! They are AMAZING. 

Gluten Free Cookie Dough
When you're not up to the task of baking GF cookies yourself (What? A tsp of this flour and 2 tsp of that flour oh wait plus 1 C of this rice flour blend with a pinch of that xanthan gum isn't sounding too appealing to ya?), my daughter really enjoyed the cookies from this dough. My advice is to let it sit at room temperature before baking other wise they bake a little uneven and weird. My daughter actually didn't know they were gluten free until I told her and she still kept eating them afterward. 

Enough said.

Crunch 'n Munch
These boxes are only $1 each, and sooo so yummy!

Fruit Snacks
Pretty much any fruit snacks are kid approved. There isn't really any such thing as a healthy version of a fruit snack unless you make them yourself. So when I buy them, I buy them with the knowledge that they're basically candy. 

String Cheese
My girls are Cannon's through and through. They LOOOOOVE cheese. They never whine when I suggest grabbing some cheese when they beg me for a snack. 

This is more for Brooklyn, honestly. Anna really likes yogurt, but Brooklyn is hooked. 

Grammy Crisps
These gluten free snacks taste a lot like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Can't go wrong with that!

No Funyuns this time around, but I have to say those are my favorite gluten free snack ;).

You can find some other ideas for gluten-free snacks right here that I love to have for traveling, sack lunch ideas for kids with Celiac's right here, or check out my fun Banana snacks that the kids go nuts over! 

You can also just check out all of my gluten free ideas and the recipe's I have right here! (The peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are sooo good. And not good "for a gluten free" cookie. They're so yummy! And that's coming from the biggest skeptic of all things gluten-free!)

Plus, stay tuned for a post on our favorite gluten free pasta (It's so good I've actually checked and rechecked its ingredients to make sure it wasn't the Udi's bread of pasta- aka...not actually gluten free), and my "Gluten Free at a Glance" post for scanning the ingredients on the labels at the store. 

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