Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Veggie Dip & Superbowl Food

For a girl that grew up with the Superbowl landing on my birthday or on the day I was wanting to celebrate my birthday, I'm surprisingly not very bitter towards the whole thing ;).

My first memory of a superbowl was when I was about 7. My Mom took my brother and I to Albertsons and let us get whatever treats we wanted. The vision I have stuck in my memory is of my brother and I dumping out all our treats onto his bed with the superbowl on the TV in his room. So of course I associate the superbowl with delicious things now.

I haven't shared this recipe before, and it's usually because it's all eaten before I can take a picture of it. But it is the PERFECT recipe to have ready to go for any get together, especially the super bowl! It is the best veggie dip I have ever had. Ever...ever ever ever. It's not thin and runny, or lumpy and goopy. It's the perfect texture (and believe me, I am a complete psychopath about texture).

I will mention that this is hard for me to actually make. The smell of cream cheese literally makes me gag. Once it's all made though it's absolutely delicious and I couldn't care less about cream cheese being in it.

Keep scrolling, cause I'm sharing a list of foods I'll be making for game day at the bottom!

What you will need:

  • 1 1/4 C sour cream
  • 1 C cream cheese, softened
  • 5 T Ranch dressing mix (or more to taste)


  • Using a kitchen-aid or hand mixer, combine the sour cream and cream cheese until blended well and is formed into a nice creamy but firm texture
  • Add in the ranch little by little and taste as you go. I prefer a more extreme ranch flavor whereas my husband could do without quite as much :).
This year I've invited some family&friends to my house for the superbowl. So I get to make whatever the heck I want! So, aside from all the chips, desserts, veggies/dip and soda, here's what's on the menu-

1. Football Cheese Dip
I mean...it's called football cheese dip. And the best cheese dip I've ever had. WIN!

2. Meatballs
Been making these for years. It's straight from my grandma's cookbook. You'll love it!

3. Crack Bread
Go ahead and get creative with this one. Throw on whatever the heck you like!

And of course you can't forget DINNER....

4. My BBQ Root Beer Pulled Pork sandwiches
I still claim that this is the best bbq root beer recipe.

5. Fresh Basil and Pepperoni Tortellini Salad
Honestly this will be eaten throughout the game because I can't keep it away once I've made it. It is soooo goooood. 

6. Corn on the Cob
Who can even have bbq sandwiches without corn on the cob?

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